Jessica Ennis-Hill

Making the Jessica Mattress

Here at Sleepeezee, we know when it comes to the comfort and support of our beds and a great night’s sleep, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But we don’t want you to just take our word for it. That’s why we’re inviting you to take a peek inside our Which? award-winning and National Bed Federation Bed of the Year finalist nominee – the Jessica mattress. See for yourself what makes this popular mattress feel so luxurious!

So What’s Inside?

The Jessica is an award winning mattress that features the best of our sleep technology and a selection of luxury fillings to deliver outstanding comfort and total support night after night.

Traditional and Softech® Springs

The mattress features a combination of traditional and Softech® springs that move independently, contouring to your body providing optimum support and posture.

Staycool™ Gel

A deep Staycool™ Gel layer provides pressure-sensitive support that helps to regulate body temperature.

Memory Foam

Using the body’s natural weight and warmth, memory foam gently moulds around you for optimum support, comfort and pressure point relief.

Soft Knitted Cover

A soft, sumptuous finish gives enhanced comfort and a truly luxurious feel night after night.

Flag Stitched Handles

Flag-stitching gives the ultimate strength to each of the handles, making it easier to rotate or move the mattress when required.

Handcrafting the Mattress

Once the spring systems and fillings have been selected, the Jessica mattress is ready to be finished by hand. Layering our carefully selected fillings, the Jessica is made with care and consideration by our factory team and then meticulously checked by the quality control team.

Once it receives the thumbs up from our team, the mattress is then prepped to be delivered to either our world-class retailers or straight to your front door!

Combining the most beautiful finishes, no detail has been spared to create this stunning bed that ensures you wake up feeling beautifully rested. From its innovative Softech® pocketed springs, to our technologically advanced Staycool™ Gel, it’s no wonder the Jessica is loved by our consumers and our retailers!

Find your nearest store today to purchase yours!

Jessica Ennis-Hill Lifestyle Sleep Tips

Five Lockdown Tips with Jessica Ennis-Hill

“Our lives have changed dramatically over the last month and unsurprisingly,
this is having an effect on our sleep. We often forget how important rest is but it’s amazing how different you feel when you’ve had a great night’s sleep!
Our minds and bodies are dealing with a lot at the moment, so it’s more important than ever to focus on the things that will help us to tackle the day ahead.”

Jessica Ennis-Hill, Sleepeezee’s Brand Ambassador

1. Establish a routine
We’re all having to adapt to a new normal, but it’s important to establish a routine – as a mum of two, I quickly realised how important this was! Our internal body clock has a huge impact on our sleep and a change in routine can throw this out of kilter. While it may be tempting to lie-in or nap during the day, it can easily disrupt our natural rhythm which will have a knock-on affect for your sleep. If possible, try to get up and go to sleep at roughly the same time every day.

2. Create a sleep sanctuary
Our homes have had to turn into classrooms, workout studios and indoor jungle gyms and this change in the status quo can really affect our ability to fall asleep. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, make sure that your bedroom feels as cosy and comfortable as possible. If you’re working from home, make sure you tidy away any paperwork or screens you may have used throughout the day and use soft lighting to start to get your mind and body ready for sleep.

3. Stay active
I am obviously massively biased about how great exercise is for you,
but I’ve seen it transform my life in so many different ways. There are so many amazing benefits that you can reap from exercise and a better night’s sleep is definitely one of them. Likewise, the better you sleep, the better you’ll be able to tackle the day ahead giving you more energy to challenge yourself to go on a run or do a home workout – it’s all linked.

4. Embrace natural light and fresh air
Whilst we’re social distancing and self-isolating, some of us probably aren’t getting quite as much natural light and fresh air as we’re used to. Natural light is a great way to kick-start our bodies in the morning, so if you’re feeling groggy, a morning walk could be just what you need. If you aren’t able to leave the house, throwing open the windows can make a big difference too.

5. Put those phones away!
We’re all guilty of it, but using phones and tablets just before bed is a sure-fire way to get your brain whirring, especially if we’ve got constant news alerts and work e-mails coming through. Set yourself a deadline for switching everything off and grab a book before bed if you can.

Everything’s easy when you Sleepeezee.

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Jessica Ennis-Hill

Introducing Sleepeezee’s 2020 Brand Ambassador: Jessica Ennis-Hill

As one of the UK’s leading mattress manufacturers, we choose our brand ambassadors carefully. The individuals we work with must be inspirational through their actions and embody our core values in everything they do. They must also represent what we believe to be a core factor in our everyday performance: a good night’s sleep.

Which is why we are delighted to announce we have partnered with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, Olympic, European and three-time world champion heptathlete.

Jessica is collaborating with us in our quest to get local communities moving by promoting active lifestyles, whilst emphasising the importance sleep plays in our daily lives. We share the belief that good physical fitness, emotional wellbeing, nutrition and sleep are at the root of any healthy lifestyle.

Jessica has a busy life as a working mum of two young children. As such, she knows the benefit of sleep, both as part of a world-class training programme and as the necessity of parenting and ensuring family wellbeing.

“Sleep matters. Whether I’m exercising, doing the school run, or at work, I know that sleep is the thing that makes my busy life possible. It’s the one thing that we all need to be at peak performance. That’s why I’m proud to be Sleepeezee’s ambassador. Their beds are expertly designed and made to the highest standards to ensure the very best sleep, meaning we can all have a great day, every day.”

We are also proud to announce the launch of our new mattress, the Jessica, named in honour of our new brand ambassador.

Expertly designed to promote healthy sleep and provide the ultimate in comfort and support, the Jessica features a combination of 1800 pocket springs and memory foam technology. This technology not only adjusts to the natural contours of your body, but aids in equalising pressure and reduces the effect of allergens – giving an overall healthier night’s sleep.

Additionally, the mattress also features a revolutionary StayCool™ gel layer that immediately responds to your body shape and helps regulate body temperature for a comfier and restful night’s sleep. Plus for every mattress sold, we donate £20 + VAT to The Children’s Hospital Charity.

Amy Curtis, Head of Marketing at Sleepeezee, comments: “We couldn’t think of a better way to mark the celebration of our new brand ambassador then naming a bed after her. At Sleepeezee, we are always looking for innovative ways to refine our products to ensure our customers get the best night’s sleep possible. We know that health and wellbeing are really important to our customers, and sleep is a central part of this. Get a good night’s rest and the rest is easy. Inspired by Jessica, our new mattress is perfect for those who live an active lifestyle, thanks to its advanced properties that will help alleviate pressure points and regulate the body’s temperature.”



We remain passionate about helping everyone to get a great night’s sleep easy night after night and believe our journey with Jessica Ennis-Hill will firmly enhance our core message: Everything’s Easy When You Sleepeezee.

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