Five things you didn’t know about a Travelodge mattress

You’ve visited a Travelodge and had one of the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time – but all you can think about when you return is how comfortable the mattress was. But did you know, Sleepeezee is the exclusive supplier?
Here are a few things that you probably didn’t know about a Travelodge Sleepeezee mattress.

Travelodge Mattress

It’s supplied by Royal Warrant holders

We devote every waking hour to bringing our customers the perfect mattress, and with a royal seal of approval we can confidently say our products offer the very best in comfort and luxury.
Sleepeezee is proud to hold a Royal Warrant, demonstrating the highest standard of excellence, quality and service. The Warrant is a mark of recognition of those who have supplied goods or services to the Households of HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales – impressive, right?

Travelodge holds the World’s Guinness Record for the ‘Fastest Bed Making’

With over 12,000 beds made in her career, Andrea Warner turned it into a record-breaking pursuit – all with the help of a Sleepeezee mattress.
The Wellingborough Travelodge Hotel Manager set a world record by making a king size Sleepeezee dreamer bed in an incredible 74 seconds – that’s quicker than making your morning cup of tea!
Want to find out how she did it? Watch Andrea dress our dreamer bed here…

The Travelodge Sleepeezee beds are blue for a reason

Blue walls, blue bed and blue décor… it’s no coincidence.
Chromotherapy experts say the colour blue slows down our metabolism, making us feel more relaxed and sleepy – and the Travelodge Sleepeezee Dreamer Bed is no different.
Available in Travelodge blue or beige, either colour will help create a calm and soothing atmosphere in any bedroom.

The Travelodge Dreamer bed and mattress are actually trademarked

We’ve trademarked the Travelodge Dreamer because we believe it’s so much more than just a bed.
Using a combination of luxurious materials, innovative designs, and traditional techniques, Sleepeezee has grown into one of the World’s most well-known bed manufacturers.
And with over 300 expert craftspeople, it’s not without reason that our mattresses are considered among the very best in the industry.

You can get yours today!

Did you know the Travelodge Dreamer mattresses and beds are available to buy?
This luxurious bed has over 950 individual pocket springs, each individual spring designed to follow the natural contour of an individual’s body in order to provide the correct amount of support and comfort – that sounds like a good night’s sleep to us!
Tempted? We guarantee that our handcrafted mattresses will give you restful nights of sleep for years to come. Shop the collection today