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How Can I Get That Luxury Hotel Bed Feel at Home?

Last weekend we welcomed a glorious extra hour in bed – and could you imagine a better feeling than spending it in that of a luxury hotel?

There’s nothing quite like falling into a fluffy hotel bed. The sumptuous sheets, heavy comforters, and surplus of pillows make hotel beds so much better than our beds at home.

Unfortunately this year many of us have not been able to check into a luxurious hotel, but did you know that you can recreate this at home? We’ve shared our top tips for creating that hotel bed at home, bringing the Sleepeezee 5-star comfort into your own bedroom!

Sleep on a quality mattress.

When it comes to mattresses, you really get what you pay for. Many hotels invest in custom mattresses exclusively made for their hotels, so it’s actually very likely that you’ve slept on a Sleepeezee bed before, as we supply many well-known hotels throughout the UK!

These ranges can be found over on our website.

Sink into the softest sheets

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a 5 star hotel is the feeling you get when sinking into the bed. The good news is, it’s incredibly easy to replicate this feeling in your own home simply by ensuring you have the best bedding for the job.

Crisp, clean sheets give an instant feeling of luxury. Opt for pure cotton, high thread count linen which will help regulate temperature and moisture levels.

More is more when it comes to pillows.

When they said less is more, they were not talking about pillows. So when it comes to dressing your bed, building up the perfect number of pillows, cushions and throws will have a big impact on both the style and comfort.

The best hotels are normally equipped with two to four pillows and perhaps a few decorative ones as well.

Make going to bed a ritual.

While you may not have access to a hotel turn-down service at home, you can recreate the experience by devising your own bedtime ritual. The best thing for sleep is to unwind at the end of the day by dimming the lights, listening to music and pulling back your sheets.

Finishing Touches

To perfect the hotel feel at home, add some colour to balance out your white linen. Give your bedroom a brand new look with an eye-catching Sleepeezee headboard and add some decorative cushions to really complete that luxury hotel look.

Finally, light your lavender-scented natural candle and relax in style – bedtime will never be the same again!