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How To Avoid Tiredness At Work

Do you often find yourself feeling tired at work and tempted to shut your eyes – just for a minute? You’re not alone.

Whether you work full time, part time or from home, everyone’s energy flags now and then – and for many reasons. But if you’re constantly running out of steam at work, it could be your brain’s way of signalling that you’re burnt out.

Fear not, we’ve pulled together five top tips to help you stay more alert at work…

Stay hydrated

We all know we’re supposed to drink between six and eight glasses (1.2 litres) of water per day but many of us admittedly fall short – and the dehydration can affect our energy and focus at work.

Sipping caffeine may give you a short term boost but drinking water throughout the day is far more effective – and healthier!

Revive your senses

Circadian rhythms regulate our sleep cycle and are influenced by sunlight so try to spend at least 30 minutes outside each day. This will increase your alertness throughout the day and promote good sleep at night.

Give your eyes a break

Many of us spend too much time behind a screen at work – as well as on our smart phones throughout the day.

Try to avoid staring at your screen for long periods at a time as the strain on your eyes can make you seriously tired. Also, why not read a book at lunch time instead of scrolling social media?

Start a conversation

If you feel yourself drifting away, engage in a conversation with one of your colleagues to help stimulate your mind.

Or, if you’re worried about disturbing co-workers, you could pop in your headphones and listen to some energising music.

Stand up

Sitting for too long can make you feel tired so if possible, stand or walk round the office regularly.

Desks that can adjust to standing positions offer great options for people who just need to work through a lull or want to get the benefits of added circulation.

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