How to bring Minimalism into your Sleep Space

When it comes to creating the perfect sleeping haven – minimalism could be your answer. Some of us prefer bright colours and lots of patterns, others will look for more neutral and muted tones. We also may consider all factors of our sleeping environment. From the colours of the walls to the level of lighting, to the mattress itself. There is so much to consider, and it can be confusing when all you want to do is create a calming space for you to unwind!

One key bedroom trend that is popular across hotels and homes alike is minimalism. Sometimes, going back to basics can be the most effective and stylish way of enhancing the look and feel of your home. Not only this, but committing to a minimalist design means you’re more likely to keep your space free of clutter – perfect for both your bedroom and your mind. Here are five top tips on how you can bring minimalism into your bedroom:


  1. What brings you joy? Navigate your way through your clothes and belongings and decide what really needs to stay. This goes for souvenirs, books, and ornaments. Not only will this help you keep the items that truly matter, it’s also a fun activity to dive into your memories whilst clearing your mind – namaste!


  1. Minimalism does not mean empty. Once you have removed a couple of things, you may feel like certain walls or spaces are a little empty. But remember – this is your space; you don’t need to sacrifice the warmth of your bedroom to follow a trend. Instead, build a Pinterest board for inspiration. This way you can decide what will work best for your space, and most importantly, for you.


  1. Let there be light! Having a more simple space gives you more room to play with lighting. Whether you have a large window to accentuate whites, greens and greys, or smaller lighting features for the evening. Lighting is crucial for helping you wind down and ultimately improve your quality of sleep.


  1. Keep calm and carry on. Bright colours can signify a louder space, so when it comes to your sleeping environment you may find yourself leaning towards more neutral colours. Inspired by nature, consider some of the following shades for your bedsheets or wall colours:


  1. Beiges: Oat, Wheat and Rye
  2. Whites: Cream, Milk and Ivory
  3. Greens: Olive, Pine, Sage


  1. Textures and textiles. If you find that your space is still feeling a little empty, go to town on the textures! Find bobbly and fuzzy pillows of varying sizes in calming colours. DIY a yarn tapestry for a pop of colour or invest in a clothing rail to put your favourite items of clothing on display.


Reminder: your sleep space is all about you, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. May minimalism be with you, and remember to tag us @sleepeezee if you give it a go!