Sleep Tips

How to Protect Yourself from “Burnout”

From back to back meetings to busy family schedules, our day to day lives can often feel overwhelming and this can play havoc with our sleep – we all know the feeling!

This is called ‘burnout’, and the exhaustive nature of this can be much more serious than you think.

Most of us will try to soldier on regardless of how tired we are, however doing so puts you at risk of limiting your daily productivity.


So, do you feel like you’re suffering from burnout? Follow these simple steps below to help take care of your mind and body:

Know when to switch off your computer:

Sometimes we are so busy that we forget to take much-needed breaks throughout the day. We would advise taking regular technology and work-free breaks, particularly at lunchtime, as this enables you to rest during the day.

Take time to yourself, at work and at home:

After a long day at work, it is important that you relax and unwind in a comfortable setting. Treat yourself to a lovely dinner, watch an episode of your favourite series on Netflix or read a good book before bed. Calming activities such as these will help your brain to relax and recover.

Take care of your mind and body:

Regular exercise helps to keep your mind sharp and is also a great way to blow off steam. Whether you’re a gym regular or simply enjoy a long walk, make sure you get moving!

Reward yourself:

Last but not least… you should treat yourself every so often! Whether it be a nice dinner, new clothes or even letting yourself have the ultimate lazy day in your Sleepeezee bed – you will thank yourself later!

Which one of these tips is your favourite? Implementing these simple tips into your daily routine will help ensure that you don’t suffer from burnout.

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