Our Glossary


Horsehair fibres are incredibly strong and springy, so over time they don’t break or lose their flexibility ensuring continuous comfort and support. Each fibre helps transport heat away from the body, wicking away moisture and helping to regulate body temperature for a more comfortable night’s sleep.


Soft to the touch, but highly resilient, cashmere adds an outstanding softness to the mattress, as well as having great moisture wicking properties to keep you cool and dry throughout the night.


Strong and durable, silk is a soft and resilient fibre that helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night, allowing air to pass quickly through for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

British wool

British wool is a soft and springy breathable fibre with exceptional moisture wicking properties that help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also has the added benefit of being inherently fire retardant, so no need for additional chemicals to be added to it. Sleepeezee is proud to support The Campaign For Wool.


Naturally derived from the rubber tree, Talalay latex is moulded with air pockets for breathability and is one of the most durable natural materials available. Latex recovers its shape instantly when pressure is removed, ensuring superior support and pressure relief throughout the night, and also helps reduce heat build up as you sleep. Latex also has the added benefit of being anti-microbial and dust mite resistant, ideal for allergy sufferers.

SoftTouch™ Pocket springs

Individually pocketed SoftTouch™ springs are a highly responsive and durable pocket spring system with a unique shape that provides an initial softness that becomes progressively firmer as more weight is applied. The result, superior comfort and support for varying body weights and sleeping patterns.


An antimicrobial and breathable fibre that promotes air circulation, helping the mattress stay cool and fresh. Tencel™ has natural cooling properties and outstanding moisture management, inhibiting bacterial growth for a fresher, more hygienic night’s sleep.

Staycool™ gel

Staycool™ gel is pressure sensitive without being heat sensitive. It adjusts to your weight and body shape and actively provides relief on the body’s pressure points helping to prevent both muscle and joint pains for superior comfort during the night. It also helps reduce motion transfer if sharing a bed with a partner.


Cotton is a strong and durable natural fibre that wicks away moisture and provides great ventilation for a mattress keeping you cool and dry, making it a hygienic comfort layer within a mattress.

Hand tufting

Tufting is the process in which tufts are hand threaded from one side of the mattress to the other. This allows our craftsman to create differing levels of firmness for our mattresses and holds all of the generous fillings within the mattress in place.

Non turn & turnable

Non turn mattresses are specially designed so that they do not need to be turned over and only require rotating head to foot with the seasons. A turnable mattress has been built with a sleeping surface on both sides of the mattress so requires turning over with the seasons.