Sleep Guide for Anxiety

You wake up in the morning feeling grouchy. You’re irritable, sluggish, and your day eventually suffers because of it, anxiety is at the forefront of your mind.
According to Mind UK Extended problems with sleep have been proven to increase our risk of heart disease, developing diabetes, and having a reduced immune system.
Nearly 6 million people in the UK experience an anxiety disorder every year and unfortunately for most this is something they have to live with. However, coincidently around the same number have a long-term sleep disorder which shows anxiety and sleep are intimately connected. In an ongoing cycle the more anxious you feel, the less sleep you get, which sufferers find hard to break.
Diagnosing anxiety disorders is extremely difficult, however one thing we can do is offer advice on how to get the best night’s sleep possible whilst providing you with a “can’t live without” mattress and bed combination.

Getting Better Sleep

Here are some tips for changing your daily routine to improve your quality of sleep and lower your anxiety levels.

  • Get out of your head. If you can’t fall asleep because you can’t turn off your thoughts, get out of bed and do something “mindless”. Go for a walk. Doodle on paper. Try yoga or meditation to turn your focus to your body and not your mind.
  • Get into the sunlight. Your circadian rhythm is sensitive to light and darkness. Get a good dose of sunlight every day. Walk around and eat lunch away from your office / home.
  • Don’t “catch up” on weekends. Keep a consistent sleep schedule. Don’t sleep in more than an hour on weekends.
  • Save your bed for sleeping. Don’t do anything else in bed but sleep. Watch TV and do homework somewhere else and don’t make a habit of sleeping anywhere else besides your bed (e.g. couch, recliners).


Get a Mattress and Divan that fits you

When we lay on an unsupportive mattress or overly stuffed pillow, pressure points build on our sides, back, and neck. These pressure points cause us to literally toss and turn in an attempt to find a comfortable position all night.
Luckily here at Sleepeezee we provide the Best of British quality goods and our Pure range is designed to offer our customers Unrivalled luxury, night after night, so you always wake up feeling refreshed.
For more information on our Pure range or any of our other mattresses please visit or get in touch either via phone on 0163 4723 557 or via our website ( to hear more about what this fantastic range can do for you.