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Why Investing In Your Mattress Is So Important

When you think about quality night’s sleep, not many people think about the quality of their mattress as well. Many people buy new mattresses when the one that they already own is completely worn out, or if they feel they are having back issues. A lot of people may not realise that investing in a high quality mattress has many versatile benefits to your health.

An average person spends around 56 hours a week in bed or about a third of their life sleeping,  so getting a good night’s sleep is vital to our overall health and well-being.

You will be sleeping on the mattress for years

On average, we spend about seven to nine hours a day in bed sleeping. Then add in a couple more hours for time spent reading, napping, watching tv, working on your laptop or relaxing and you start to realise how much time you actually spend on your bed.

For something you use every day, you need a mattress that can provide you with consistent quality of comfort for at least eight to ten years.

Improved sleep quality

Several factors affect your overall wellbeing. While diet and exercise are the obvious ones, quality of sleep plays a huge part, too. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can affect your immune system, cognitive abilities, metabolism, blood pressure, and is also related to obesity and other ailments.

Consider buying a new mattress as the first step to preventing any causes that may arise due to lack of quality sleep.

Old or worn out mattresses are uncomfortable

Worn out or old mattresses can cause discomfort to the spine and muscles of your body, due to the poor condition of the mattress. Changing these every 8-10 years is important to ensuring your body is getting the spinal support it needs.

It’s important to look for a mattress that can support pressure points and keep your spine properly aligned in various positions as you sleep. Maintain good spine and body posture while you sleep with specialised mattresses designed to give proper support for the body.

Invest in the best

A premium mattress is a worthwhile investment into our health. Remember to think about your needs and the features that the mattress offers, then get the mattress that is right for you. A mattress is an investment, and a good one will last for years to come – we can guarantee you won’t regret it!