Mattress Care

3 Top Tips for Mattress Maintenance

A well looked after mattress can last you up to 10 years! Yes, really! Here’s our top tips on how to maintain that luxurious comfort for years and years to come:

Tip 1 – Mattress protection

You may not think it, but we actually sweat up to 250 grams of water every night! Yuck – we know! It’s a good idea to put a mattress protector on to prevent the fabrics from unwanted stains and smells.

Tip 2 – A good bedframe

You shouldn’t invest in a new mattress if you aren’t 100% confident that the frame or base that you will be placing your new mattress onto is going to complement it. And by that we don’t mean style of course – a quality sound and correct base or frame size will ensure you are maximising the full effects of your new mattress’ comforts.

Tip 3 – Rotate, Rotate, Rotate

Just like a new pair of shoes, your mattress needs broken into. No, that doesn’t mean letting the kids jump on the bed! Allowing 2-4 weeks for this to happen is enough, after this it’s time to begin rotating your mattress. We recommend rotating your mattress end to end, every month for the first three months – please be sure to use those handles if you have them! Rotating your mattress will avoid any unwanted sagging or indentation and prolong the condition.

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