Why are Hotel Mattresses so Comfortable?

What is it that makes those hotel mattresses so comfortable? While it’s true that there’s no place like home, there’s something about a hotel room that makes us want to book a long vacation away (we’ll take anywhere at this point).

Of course, for us the highlight of our hotel room is always the bed, sinking into that mattress always makes a long trip away feel worthy of the miles!

But what is it about hotel beds that make us crave a big breakfast in bed, a warm cup of coffee and a long lie-in?

Hotel mattresses are made differently to our mattresses

Hotel mattresses differ from our ‘normal’ mattresses, as they are required by law to uphold certain standards during manufacturing:

  • All beds and mattresses used in hotel settings must adhere to fire safety standards.
  • One of the leading furniture associations (FIRA) introduced a new standard ensuring that hotel beds can easily withstand frequent use.

Hotels choose quality mattresses

If you have a rubbish night’s sleep in a hotel bed, you’re probably not going to be very happy. You definitely won’t plan to use that specific hotel (or maybe even another branch of the same chain) again. If it was that uncomfortable, you might even write a negative review about the hotel.

That is the last thing any hotel wants. They want you to be happy and comfortable.

So, quite simply, hotels invest in quality beds and mattress, to ensure their guests have the best nights sleep possible.

Hotels pay careful attention to the sheets

When you climb into your hotel bed, you can be sure the hotel hasn’t just paid careful attention to the mattress and duvet or quilt; they’ll have taken the quality of the sheets into account as well to provide you with every ounce of comfort possible. Cotton is a popular material for hotel bed sheets and often hotels will opt for a thread count of around 300. This is why the sheets are light and breathable but oh so crisp at the same time.

They use mattress toppers/protectors

Many hotels will use feather or memory foam mattress toppers to make the beds even more comfortable, whilst also protecting the mattress.

A good hotel will regularly turn the mattress

Turning and rotating prolongs the life of a mattress, by avoiding compressions and dips forming (due to regular use). This will help give all guests a better nights sleep.

So if you are craving a good night’s rest in a hotel, you may want to give your own bedroom a quick makeover to get that hotel feel at home!


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