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Sleeping in Hot weather

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Trying to sleep when the weather is hot or during a heat wave is never pleasant. Noisy fans, sticky bodies, and the constant turning to try and get comfortable is a familiar experience to us all. In the UK it is rare for anyone to have air-conditioning, so Sleepeezee have brought together some top tips to help lower your temperature and get a good night’s rest.

Our first tip is to have a cool shower before bed. This use of either lukewarm or cool water will directly lower the temperature of your skin, especially if you are getting your hair wet too! When you step out of the shower, the water will begin to evaporate from your skin, this can be increased further by standing in front of a fan. As well as being beneficial for sleeping in hot weather, cooler showers can also aid in muscle soreness and recovery from any long days outside in the sun.

Applying a wet towel or an ice pack to your pulse points is another way to quickly cool down. These are the areas in which blood flows closest to the surface of your skin and will therefore help you cool the fastest. A good hack here is to fill a hot water bottle with chilled water and take it with you to bed.

An important thing to check is what material your sheets are made from. Linen or cotton sheets with a thread count of 200-400 are the best materials at supporting good air flow. Many people also use the same duvet all year round, but the thickness of your duvet could be too much during the summer months, so consider switching to either a thinner duvet or a light sheet instead.

You may find that chilling your bedroom in advance will help with the temperature. Before you go to bed, set up either air conditioning or a fan. If you find that the outdoor temperature is much cooler at night, open some windows before bed to allow the cooler air into the room.

Another great tip is to chill your sheets. Although this might sound strange, if you place your sheets into a plastic bag and drop them into the freezer for 15 minutes, they will come out lovely and cool.

It might sound obvious but try not to drink (or eat!) any caffeine before bed. Most people know that this stimulant can disturb restful sleep, but many do not know that it can also raise your body temperature. Opt for decaf or calming teas instead.

Our final tip for the heat if you are really struggling is to change beds. This could be to move to a bed that you can sleep in alone away from your warm-blooded partner, or to a cooler room downstairs that maybe has more ventilation. Hot air rises, so the top of the house tends to be where the temperatures are at their highest.

Although all of the above will aid your sleep, a big player in the battle with heat is the mattress itself. Sleepeezee have a range of Cooler mattresses that are expertly designed to help regulate your body temperature. This innovative range features a revolutionary cool-touch cover as well as a pressure-sensitive gel layer. So, avoid restless nights by opting for a state-of-the-art mattress that will keep you sleeping soundly all night long!