Updating your bedroom this Spring

Here’s our top tips for creating your perfect sleep sanctuary this spring:

Is it time to change your duvet?

It may seem like an obvious step, but while we fuss over fresh sheets and finding the perfect bedding, we often neglect our duvets and stick with the same one all year round. Updating your bedroom gives you the perfect chance to question whether it’s time to ditch the winter quilt and opt for a lower tog.

Bring the outdoors in and awaken your senses

Indoor plants are more than just a pretty feature – they help create a sense of wellbeing. Filling your space with fresh flowers and greenery can improve air quality help decrease fatigue and stress.


Finding the right mattress

Creating your very own sleep sanctuary ultimately comes down to comfort and that means ensuring you have the right mattress. If you think it’s about time you upgraded, spend time researching different mattress types and technologies – and without a doubt, try before you buy!

We know how big of an investment a new mattress is, so why not let us help?
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